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About Me.

Hello and welcome to "AsahiArt" this means "Sunrise" in Japanese.

What I offer is web design, web hosting, photography, video editing, flyers, Japanese translations, sign writing, some one on one tuition in programs like Photoshop. A free example in tilt shift using Photoshop is on the left of your screen.

I have made web sites from "Hotel in Nepal" to "Oil and Gas Industries" understanding a persons business is the way forward and attracting the correct audience is very important roll in building a web site.

For example if your business is say car mechanic most probably your captive ordinance is in a limited area. So paying loads to come at the top of a search engine, your benefits are ranking high in the list. But your customer will only travel to the nearest and easiest area for them.

As well as providing photographic coverage and digital image/video re-touching "EXAMPLE" design services I also now provides a full web site design and hosting service for my clients web sites.

So if you are looking for a more in depth approach to displaying your web site and someone to sit down and work through your business approach to online marketing through a web site.

Contact me at or telephone me on 01273 628793 to have an informal conversation with myself Rob Chisholm.