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BLOG - Bench mark CS3 After Effects on Power mac dual G5WordPress

ram bench marks  g5 after effects

The image above is of a screen grab from activity monitor showing the use of CPU and ram in After Effects used in CS3 on a Dual 2.7Ghz Power PC with 5 Gbs, of ram. In system preferences "energy saver" was set to highest, render time was 3 min's 50 sec's.

To take part in "Bench Testing" click on the image above to download files once I have enough results I publish them here.

The above test I rendered with 3.5Gbs and 5Gbs on a Dual 2.7Ghz Power Pc. I found with the extra ram no improvements to render times only that page outs had stopped. I did find the extra ram useful when effects like blur/scatter were used, render times were reduced considerably.

Reduced power in system preferences increases the render time by an average of 25% .CPU's ran at 88% where as in highest power preferences CPU's ran at 92% to 100%.

If you watch this "VIDEO" from 0.12 to 0.29 sec's it took 20 min's with 3.5Gbs to render/export. Where as with 5Gbs the 0.12 to 0.29 sec's took 3mins 50 sec's hence purchase of extra 2Gbs of ram.