BLOG Exploring ideas in After Effects - Photoshop - CSS

Welcome to the Asahiart blog - I have put this site together to help other people new to the programs of After Effects - Photoshop - CSS - HTML - to offer some insight into what these programs can do and to share some ideas and knowledge. I will put new ideas and tutorials up, for example "Donut City" was an idea that came to mind. Download the CS3 A.E and PNG files and have a go yourself "Download Here" 18.2 Mb zipped.

Probably the hardest approach is the idea. So how do I go about this ?

1st Is by either using my Itouch with the use of the camera taking images and using the Voice Memo to record ideas. I also carry a note book and pencil to write and draw ideas down and later assemble these ideas in a program of my choice. Having a good understanding of the programs you use is an essential part of this process.

2nd if you start with a more simple approach of using a pen and paper you will not be restricted. By this I mean if you were to simply sit down in front of a computer and open a program, most probably you would be restricting your imagination from the out start. With a pen and paper you can draw upon your strengths and ideas straight to paper to produce a story board with notes and then work out the best way to design thous ideas in your programs that best suit your needs.

If you have any ideas that you would like to share with others feel free to email me and I will make a page for you. If you have any questions on programs and areas of difficulties email me and I will put the answers here so others can learn.

This will help others by sharing ideas, learning and exploring new approaches is a big way in which you can learn by putting your questions forward. A link to "AsahiArt WordPress Blog" for feed back and discussion click here! WordPress Complete Listing of Blog "HERE."