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BLOG - Neutral Density Filter

Neutral_density_filterlong shutter speed on fuji s 5 pro

Above left Neutral density filter exposure 13 sec, taken in the summer day time, right 30 sec shutter speed without ND filter, taken at 10 pm in the evening of September. "ND filter used was B+W ND106 it darken the exposure by 6 stops" What type of images can I take with a Neutral density filter ?

The left image has an amazing exposure time of 13 seconds with a neutral density filter. The different effects are simply mind blowing, turning Brighton west pier into a one of a kind. Click on the image to see a bigger version and visit this photographers flickr account.

The right image of A27 taken at night without a Neutral Density filter, over an exposure time of 30 sec in manual mode.

I have included this night shot just to show you even if you do not have any ND filters at this moment in time, you can still take some interesting images with a longer exposure time.

The cameras used left Canon EOS 400D, right Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro.