Photography ranges from taking images for your web sites, example could be you need some images of your shop and staff and then have these implement in your web site.

Or you need some of your current work display for print purposes.

Other areas might be your products your company sells on line and these need to be photographed and pen tool out in Photoshop and then placed within the current web site.

All of this can be done here at Asahiart.

Some example images here of my Photography on "AsahiArt"

WordPress Some images and approaches.

For prices you will need to email me or call the number at the bottom of the page.

As no price can be fixed on these areas like coming to you and taking images. You need to chat first so I can advise and give you a costing.

One point worth while mentioning is no 20 % VAT is applied, so if your turn over is below £72,500 come to me I save you 20 % to start with.