Web Hosting Domain Transfer

Web Hosting means where your site files are displayed to the viewer.

One year hosting costs £49:00 with AsahiArt.

If you are wish to transfer the Domain name this can be done as well.

You may need a blog attached to your site.

Or a blog within your site and this to be maintain I currently run 30 blog's for clients.

Here is an example blog "Hotel Garden Nepal" blog's are a good way to have more feed back to your current site. Having a blog within your site costs more but will give you better ratings overall.

Having traffic directed towards your main site will help the bottom line the "blog" is a time consuming event.

S.E.O known as `Search Engine Optimization' can help in certain sites but if your not looking to blanket the whole of the country there is little point and a more practical way forward is local flyers etc to attract local business.

On the other hand if you are selling a product to the masses SEO is a must but remember this does eat into your profits. If you like the sounds of SEO on a pay per click you need to sit down and chat through your budget and plan.

If on the other hand your looking for a more simplified approach to SEO key words can be addressed at the start of setting your site up and monitored to mirror the track of peoples keyword inputs.