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BLOG - Itouch app's PS Express

tilt shift photography jr tower japan

One of the nicest app's is the app PS Express from Free to download and use, free 2 GB storage space for your images.

There is quite a lot more to this free app with the aid of there web site where you can back up images "link here"

The app I found easy to use, open the app then press the little pencil image which you can see here on the right. This will open up your folder of images and then you simply choose an image of your choice and start editing.

I took this image on the right from JR Tower in Japan with an itouch and later added a Vignette Blur and changed the Contrast as well as the Saturation.

Which is all done in the app PS Express. You also have the choice to crop, straighten, rotate and flip your image. After this you can store your image within a folder at PS Express web site.